More Seeds with More Watch Time

Youtube has recently placed a premium on a channel’s watch time, so I am placing the same premium in this seed giveaway. In addition to the terms already included in the original video based on subscriber growth, I am prepared to add 3 additional types of seeds due to growth in channel watch time.

What is watch time? It is the amount of time users spend watching videos on a channel. So what do you need to do? In short, watch videos on this channel!

I have compiled a playlist called “popular videos”. This playlist includes some of the most enjoyed videos from our first season of the Best Garden Channel on Youtube. Make sure you have watched all of those outstanding videos. While you are watching, make sure to hit that like button on videos you enjoy, and also comment on them and share them on social media.

Since we are going for watch time. Do your best to watch all the way through the videos!

We have until the end of the giveaway period on March 5 to get as much watch time as we can. If we get 25,000 minutes we will add 1 type of seed, 60,000 minutes two types of seed, and at 100,000 minutes 3 types of seeds. These numbers may seem large when thinking only of yourself watching videos, but we have more than 3000 subscribers already, and each of us will also be sharing these videos, so we can definitely get there, and in the mean time you can catch up on some of our great gardening content.

If this is the first time you are hearing of our seed giveaway. Make sure to check our original seed giveaway video for all the details.

So here is where we are on channel watch time:

February 19 – Total of 934 minutes. 

February 20 – Total of 2326 minutes. 

February 21- Total of 3832 minutes.

February 22- Total of 5429 minutes.  

February 23- Total of 6896 minutes. 

February 24- Total of 7640 minutes

February 25- Total of 9087 minutes

February 26- Total of 9827 minutes 

February 27 – Total of 10514 minutes 

February 28- Total of 12,419 

March 1, 2018- Total of 13,237 

March 2, 2018- Total of 13,821 (Youtube delays reporting of watch time so this is current as of March 4).



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