The Rusted Garden – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

Today we will be reviewing The Rusted Garden channel on Youtube. More so than most, Gary’s channel is a solid instructional channel that can teach excellent tips and tricks, or even the core fundamentals for gardening. It is a no frills approach that has taught me a lot, and by watching his videos you can quickly go from an amateur gardener to someone who can recognize and prevent most problems in your garden.

Gary grows not only in his backyard, but on his patio, and also at a local community garden. Many of those videos at the community garden really show how to take a growing space that may not be ideal and transform it into a productive garden. He grows a diverse array of crops and speaks with authority on all of them. Gary walks through both organic an inorganic approaches to pest control and fertilization, so his channel can broadly appeal to all types of gardeners.

In addition to his standard channel Gary has a separate channel that is dedicated to beginning gardeners. On this channel, he goes into more of the details that individuals who have not grown before need to know.

Check out the Rusted Garden and let me know what you think of the channel in the comments below. Gary has teamed with Coley Cooks for a Grow It, Cook It, Eat It youtube collaboration.  It features her explaining a recipe for using garden fresh produce that he teaches the viewer hot to grow in the garden. There is a corresponding Facebook group. He also has teamed with CaliKim29 for a Gardening Coast 2 Coast collaboration, which also has a corresponding Facebook group. Recently, Gary has opened his own seed store, and he has a Facebook page for it as well. 

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