Suburban Homestead – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

Our next garden review is of the Suburban Homestead, featuring Siloé Oliveira. This gardening channel is unlike any of the rest that I have reviewed so far. While the requisite tips about how to garden are included in his channel as well, they are present among cinematic quality video, and contemplated narration. There is not a scene in any of the videos in which Siloé has not considered the composition of the shot, and the camera angle. The Suburban Homestead does not feel of someone who is just giving garden updates, but instead of someone who is telling you a great story, and doing it with a very artistic flare.

Most of the episodes tend to focus on a specific crop and often includes both gardening information about that crop and a recipe showing its use in the kitchen. Episodes do not give real-time updates about the garden, but instead often include clips from throughout the growing season. It is clear the Siloé spends a lot of time in putting together each episode, and his production schedule is consequently less frequent than many other channels, but the episodes are well worth the wait.

If you have not seen the Suburban Homestead before, you should definitely check it out. The approach is so novel and makes the channel really stand out, so take a moment to see it for yourself.

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