One Yard Revolution – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

For today’s Youtube channel review, we will be visiting Patrick Dolan at One Yard Revolution. If you like to think of Gardening as science, then this channel is for you. While transforming his entire backyard into something of a back to eden style garden, One Yard Revolution has tested many of the big garden myths that are pervasive in the gardening community, even on Youtube.

Patrick’s stated mission is to reduce the time and money needed for his garden while continuing to increase yields and fill a bigger portion of his food needs from garden produce. Patrick has had outstanding results and in the process inspired thousands of gardeners about how to garden in a more productive way.

I particularly like how well he has organized his channel, so that one can quickly review playlists on topics that may be important to them. He also has a month by month approach so that one can see exactly what he is doing in or getting out of his garden in any particular month.

The One Yard Revolution is also a great resource for one who wishes to cheaply extend their season, from cold frames to a homemade hoop house, Patrick has employed affordable methods to increase the amount of the year he is getting productive harvests from his garden.

I encourage you to check out his channel. Let us know below what you think about the One Yard Revolutuion channel in the comments below.

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