mhpgardener – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

For our next garden channel review, we take a look at MHPGardener. MHPGardener took a break from Youtube and went a stretch of nearly 2 years without posting many videos, but it seems that he is back as he is once again routinely posting.

MHPGardener has been a source of inspiration for many other channels out there. He has brought simple hydroponic methods such as a dutch bucket system and kratky hydroponics into the mainstream.

He also has had remarkable results. By overwintering pepper plants in his greenhouse, he grew out huge plants and produced tremendous yields.

While some of what he does might not be practical for the average small yard gardener, many of his methods and tips are applicable to us all. Thank you, Bobby, for returning to Youtube, you are well deserving of a spot on the list of the Best Garden Channels on Youtube.


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