Khang Starr – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

Today’s Best Garden Channel Review is on Khang Starr’s channel. Khang Starr has a newer channel than some we are reviewing, but he has made an instant impression on Youtube. Khang is most known for his love for growing hot peppers and he manages a very impressive and spirited pepper lover community over on Google plus. I will link to that community if you are interested in learning from people around the world who enjoy growing peppers. Unlike many communities that just consist of people spamming their content on an otherwise inactive wall, this community has active discussion, contests, seed trading, hot sauce making tutorials, and just generally a lively sense of shared interest in pepper growing.

Of course, this review is about the Youtube channel, so let’s get back to that. After watching Khang’s channel, it is hard not to want to do your own indoor grow setup, and I confess that I am now growing inside during the winter as well. Perhaps the most impressive part of Khang’s channel to me is his patience and professionalism. While many Youtube channels conduct experiments, Khang Starr has the discipline to wait though the experiment before posting a single video that has updates throughout the course of the experiment. This is extremely rewarding for the viewer, and I want to think Khang for putting in the effort to do that.

In addition to pepper growing, the channel features indoor greens, microgreens, and sprouts. I always enjoy Khang’s videos and believe his channel is among the best garden channels on Youtube.


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