Jumpstart a Spring Garden Bed in the Fall

Create a free garden bed during the fall, and enjoy your cheap garden bed in the Spring. Today we look at a great way to jump start your spring garden, during the fall or winter. There’re many different ways to make a growing space for your garden but today we explore one that costs no money. Let mother nature do the work for you this winter with this lazy garden bed. Hat tip to Hughes nursery for the original inspiration behind this idea.

So pick a spot that you want to have your garden. Put down cardboard to block out weeds and grass Cover the cardboard with soil or compost. I used soil that had been in my pots the prior season, making it an even cheaper garden bed. And then cover that soil with some mulch. (I used fall leaves, which are in abundant supply this time of year.)

By next spring, the cardboard should have broken down fairly well, as will the grass and weeds beneath. (I might wait about six months after doing this for best results). Also if you used spent potting soil adding a bit of fertilizer is wise. Regardless, for almost no money and only a little work, you too can have an new garden bed next year.

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