Growing Your Greens – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

Growing Your Greens is one of the top watched gardening channels on Youtube. Growing Your Greens is hosted by John Kohler, a man who indicates the he decided to grow his own food after having a bad health scare. John has totally transformed his entire yard into a growing area to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Growing Your Greens is a pioneer in channels about removing one’s lawn and growing instead. He is well- established as a youtube gardening leader. He also juices a lot of the greens that he grows, and sells juicers to help earn income. 

His channel has videos on almost every gardening topic: tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucumbers . . . and obviously, lots of types of greens. He has over 1000 videos, and is one of the most viewed gardening channels on Youtube. 

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