How to Grow Indoors Cheaply Using a Shop Light and Tote

Have you ever desired to grow your own fruits and vegetables indoors? Alternatively, do you ever want to start seeds for pepper or tomato plants indoors? Commercially available grow tents and light setups can cost hundreds of dollars. This simple setup is much more convenient. 

All you need is a shop light, a 50 gallon tote, and a timer.


I also recommend using some flat white paint to make the inside of the growing area reflective. 

After you let the paint dry, decide where you will put your cheap growing setup, set the shop light on the painted tote, and plug it into the timer. I suggest setting the timer for 16-20 hours on a day. 


If you would like to explore more detail of how to set it up, visit the instructable I created: Cheaply Create an Indoor Growing Area with Grow Lights , or watch our the full Youtube video: 


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