You Decide the Best Garden Channel

What is the Best Gardening Channel on Youtube? If you are like me, you enjoy watching gardening videos, and want a garden channel that is consistently entertaining. You are looking for a channel that teaches you things you do not know, that has a host that is innovative and is creating novel content, you want a gardening community that follows the channel and contributes to its culture. So while we ourselves have a gardening channel that aspires to one day be outstanding, we know that today there are many others that have already paved that road. So today we let you, our viewers make the decision, what is the best garden channel on youtube for 2017?

We will be making a top ten video with the 10 gardening channels we have already reviewed. You can visit the playlist and see reviews of the top ten gardening channels on youtube for yourself. 

There are 10 Nominees to be Named the Best Gardening Channel on Youtube. 

Visit the linked posts about each channel below: 

Growing Your Greens, or to vote for the channel now, like Growing Your Greens Youtube review

Khang Starr's Youtube Channel

Khang Starr, or to vote for the channel now, like the Khang Starr Youtube review.

CaliKim29's Youtube Channel

CaliKim29, or to vote for the channel now, like the Calikim 29 Youtube review

One Yard Revolution Youtube Channel

One Yard Revolution, or to vote for the channel now, like the One Yard Revolution Youtube review.

The Rusted Garden Youtube Channel

The Rusted Garden, or to vote for the channel now, like the Rusted Garden Youtube review

Alberta Urban Garden, or to vote for the channel now, like the Alberta Urban Garden Youtube review

Suburban Homestead Youtube Channel

Suburban Homestead, or to vote for the channel now, like the Suburban Homestead Youtube review

MIgardener Youtube Channel

MIgardener, or to vote for the channel now, like the MIgardener Youtube review

my-gardener Youtube Channel

mhpgardener, or to vote for the channel now, like the mhpgardener Youtube review

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Youtube Channel

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone, or to vote for the channel now, like the Urban Farmer Curtis Stone youtube review

You Decide the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

The review video with the most likes at 11:59pm CDT July 1st will be crowned the “best garden channel on youtube”, and the rest of the top 10 list will be determined in the same manner. Dislikes will not factor into the contest, so there is no need to dislike any of the videos. If you have a favorite channel, then vote for it, and spread the word. Let other fans of that channel know that we are hosting this vote, and encourage them to come and support their favorite channel. Post in gardening groups on facebook or google plus, post to reddit, stumbleupon, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, twitter. Anywhere that people who might want to have a say in which channel is the best. And if you happen to know the hosts of any of these channels, feel free to reach out to them directly and let them know they are up for consideration. 

If there is a channel that you believe should have been nominated, but was not, please let us know about that gardening channel in the comments below. While this year’s contest to determine the best gardening channel on youtube is open to only the channels that I nominated, in future years we will consider additional channels for the prize. 

I hope you enjoy this fun change of pace. Please help us share this contest far and wide, so we can have as much of the online gardening community participating in deciding this as possible.


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