CaliKim29 – Nominee to be the Best Garden Channel on Youtube

Welcome to another Youtube Garden Channel Review, today we will be reviewing CaliKim29. CaliKim29’s gardening channel is based in Southern California, and the channel captures that warm Californian spirit: complete with droughts and mandatory water limits. Although she has something of a year-round growing season, Calikim understands her global audience and does not too frequently revel in her good fortune.

She has made several creative series including one targeted to new gardeners, where she works with a neighbor who does not have much gardening experience to help her start her first garden. From starting seeds, to harvesting produce, the series takes a new gardener through all steps of the process.

One of the channel’s highlights is the chemistry between Kim and “Camera Guy” the name assigned to her husband, who also is generally behind the camera. From time to time he pops in front of the camera, particularly for episodes where they are trying some of the garden produce in a recipe.

The channel is fun and bright, and is a particularly great place to spend a cold winter day if you are from the heartland.

CaliKim29 has expanded her brand and has her own webpage, CaliKim Garden and Home, a pinterest account, an instagram account, and a Facebook page. She and Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden have teamed up for a Youtube series called “Gardening Coast to Coast” and have a corresponding Facebook group. She also has a working relationship with MIgardener and offers a discount code to her subscribers to shop at his store.  

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