Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a Gardener

Do you have a gardener on your Christmas list? Today, we look at the 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners.

5) Sometimes the Best Christmas gift ideas seem a bit obvious – number 5 on our list starts with a gardening staple: a garden trowel. While almost every gardener will likely already have something they use to dig holes in the soil, so many garden trowels these days are poorly made and can break easily. If the gardener in your life has never had an outstanding trowel before, it will dramatically increase their enjoyment of gardening, and their comfort putting in garden plants once they have one.

4) A Good Pruner- Like the garden trowel, our next garden gift idea may seem a bit rudimentary, but you might be surprised to find that the gardener in your life does not actually have any pruning shears. While from time to time we all may pinch off the occasional sucker, sometimes it is just too thick to casually pinch. A pruner can be a tremendous tool for taking care of your garden plants.  I suggest ones with ratchet technology that can help decrease the burden on your hands of snapping through a tougher stem or branch.

3) A Watering Timer – There is nothing that saves time and energy in the garden quite like putting your water on a timer. While there are certainly many gardeners who already have their watering under control, many more still have to manually turn on and off the water every day. A simple timer will relieve stress and insure a better chance of success for the gardener in your life. If by chance they do have a timer already, consider stepping them up a notch this year with a drip irrigation system, which can reduce weeds and decrease total water consumption by targeting water right to the base of plants.

2) A Dehydrator – Until one has a dehydrator, she just doesn’t realize what a great tool it is for a gardener. Who among us hasn’t had a bumper crop of something that we just didn’t know what to do with? Whether drying herbs, or making powders and spices, or making chips out of zuchini, or hundreds of other ways garden produce can be preserved with a dehydrator, if the gardener in your life does not have a dehydrator, this would be a perfect gift. And fear not, it is so useful that it will not be relegated to the back of your cabinet with that juicer you have only used once – the dehydrator really earns its keep.

  1. And the number one best gift for a gardener this Christmas, a gift certificate to a seed company. I know, I know, topping a best five gift list with a gift certificate may seem anti-climactic, but every gardener I know loves to look at seed catalogs every year and dream about all the fun and unique varieties we can grow. Most of us who have been growing for awhile; however, have more seeds stashed around our house than we are likely to ever use, so it feels very impractical to spend more money on different seeds each year. But if you want to get right to that gardener’s heart, let her live out those dreams of splurging on seeds, with a gift certificate to her favorite seed company. If she does not yet have a favorite, some excellent seed companies include: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds; Seed Saver Exchange;  and Seeds Now.

I hope these Christmas Gift ideas will inspire you this Christmas season!

Did I miss any great ideas, comment below with Christmas gift ideas you think would be perfect for any Gardener.

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