3 Ways to Use a Pop Up Hamper in Your Garden:

Use the Pop Up Hamper and Insect Netting

Do you always seem to have cabbage moths attacking your brassicas? Do rabbits or squirrels harvest your plants before you do? Use a pop-up hamper to protect your plants from insects and rodents.

Use the Pop Up Hamper as a Mini- Greenhouse or Cloche

Want to get a jump start on your gardening season by planting some vegetables under cover? Convert a pop-up hamper into a cloche or mini-green house by adding some plastic covering.

Use the Pop Up Hamper as a Mini-Portable Compost Bin

Need somewhere to put your weeds and clippings when you are in the garden? A pop-up hamper can provide a compost bin that you carry with you, until it is ready to be dumped into your main pile.


You can see all of these uses by watching our video on youtube: 

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